CORE - Fire Suppression

CaptiveAire’s CORE Fire Protection System is the most reliable commercial kitchen hood fire suppression system on the market. While it is deeply complex, this video simplifies the technology to demonstrate the extraordinary value to CaptiveAir’s customers.

It’s not every day you get to play with fire on the job.

CaptiveAire came to us because they were facing a huge challenge. They developed a revolutionary technology that had the potential to completely transform their industry - but it contradicts a major lesson you were taught as a child… “You can’t use water to put out a grease fire! It just makes things worse!” - Mom

It was a conscious decision to stage practical fires and avoid using any graphics or animation because we wanted it to feel as real as it is. The technology works so we showed it working.

The footage was captured at Captive Aire's R&D facility in Pennsylvania, and in North Carolina at their headquarters and Jumping Rock’s studio.

"Jumping Rock has an incredible talent for taking complex concepts and making them engaging, understandable, and interesting for our audience. In the year since we released the video, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in sales, a huge improvement in our internal team’s product knowledge, and an increased excitement about CORE."

- CaptiveAire Systems