Outdoor Wilderness Lab

Outdoor Wilderness Lab (OWL) is a week-long experiential science lab that takes place annually on the north slopes of the Grand Mesa, just outside of Grand Junction, Colorado. OWL creates an authentic learning experience that challenges students to engage not only with the content and skills of the curriculum being taught, but with the complex world around them. This unique experience connects them to their learning, making it meaningful and lasting. They critically think, problem-solve, and learn-by-doing.

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This was an experience of a lifetime.

We drove to 10,500 feet elevation, in the middle of Grand Mesa National Forest and spent 6 days with a bunch of 6th graders while immersing ourselves in their lives and learning experiences. Our crew slept in a tiny cabin with four walls and a bathroom, ate delicious food that was prepared by the kids, and...

It. Was. Awesome.

We witnessed and documented the transformation of a sheltered group of mostly underprivileged kids. They arrived at camp timid and naive and left with new friends and a love and appreciation for science and the outdoors.

"The video Jumping Rock shot for OWL was fantastic!  Not only was the crew great to work with, we are so happy with the final project. It far exceeded our expectations!  It’s literally brought tears to people’s eyes in presentations we’ve given.  We’ve been able to use it to promote our organization to a vast amount of audiences both in person and on our website.  It’s really helped them see what OWL is and why it’s so important.  It paints a vivid picture, brings our story to life and is nothing less than the closest someone will get to experiencing OWL without actually going themselves.  Thank you Jumping Rock.  We are truly grateful."

- Greg Weckenbrock | Director, Outdoor Wilderness Lab

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