Protect Your Skull

The entire sports landscape and the rules of contact sports have changed in order to protect players from collisions that ultimately lead to traumatic brain injuries. Protect Your Skull heightens concussion awareness through their brand offerings. 


Save Those Brains

According to Protect Your Skull, quality of life matters most.  We here at Jumping Rock tend to agree.  Protect Your Skull (PYS) raises awareness around sports-related concussions, specifically targeting young athletes.  PYS wanted a tool to promote their message - something that could live online and work alongside events held at training camps, combines, high schools and colleges.  Jumping Rock began by researching concussions, their causes and symptoms.  At the same time, we researched PYS’s key demographic.  We decided that an animation would best serve PYS’s needs.  But not just any animation - this had to hold the attention of… teenagers.  So we took some scary (but important) information, a little comic book influence, some loud colors and a finely tuned script and handed Protect Your Skull a cool video about, well, brain injuries.  

Do it for the Kids

This animation is aimed squarely at a young audience.  Jumping Rock wrote a script with that in mind; the voice is casual and young.  After the tone of the script had been established, the visual tone followed.  We created characters and chose a color palette that feel alive, active and inclusive.  The most important part of the process is delivering a message that actually reaches our client’s audience.  Kids come in all shapes, colors and sizes, so we let that carry the message along with the script.  The message may be serious, but the video finds time for fun.  And we at Jumping Rock have heard it first hand, kids like fun.  Turns out, so do we.