Raleigh City Farm

Raleigh City Farm is so much more than just a place where sustainable food is grown. It’s a place where people can meet their local farmer, where encounters with agriculture happen easily because farmland isn’t somewhere out there... it’s in your backyard.

Great People - Great Place - Great Time

We’ve had a burning desire to support a local organization that does good for our community. Raleigh City Farm was a perfect fit. We were brought on board by Jamie Ousterout of Stabilimenta who trusted us to take on all creative responsibilities.

Working closely with RCF’s General Manager, Rebekah Beck, we developed the concept and wrote the script for ‘The Community Crate’ to highlight some of the different areas of Raleigh that the farm serves. We made a conscious effort to divide the piece between produced and on-the-fly production to communicate the farms raw but refined image.